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Dental Practice Crookes Sheffield

Rehabilitative Dentistry

If you feel that your teeth are becoming weak, damaged or wearing down as a result of grinding, contact us to see how we can help prevent dental deterioration. 

Though the rigours of eating, trauma, grinding and general wear and tear, even well maintained teeth will eventually chip and fracture with age. As part of regular appointments these fractures are often smoothed over and patched up.  

However there comes a time where it is necessary to restore several teeth at once with high strength restorations to protect the remaining teeth from continuing to fracture and deteriorate before they become unrecoverable. 

If you’ve noticed your teeth chipping frequently, suddenly needing several new fillings despite good care or have the feeling that they are worn and not as they used to be, it may be time to book in with one of our clinicians to discuss rebuilding the teeth.


By restoring several teeth at once we can place the load strategically on the teeth best equipped to deal with it, or in certain cases on implants which can easily support and protect your remaining teeth from fracture.  

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