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Fair pricing policy

To us at School Road Dental Practice fair pricing is an important part of our ethos.


All treatments are priced according to the extensive time and materials and running costs of the practice and the private fee list is focused on providing the best quality care possible at a reasonable price. Should you find yourself in need or wishing for treatment, but unable to afford it at the time please mention it to any of our staff and we will be happy to work with you arrange a suitable solution. This may be through phased treatment or by taking advantage of our finance package.

Making you aware of the fees


We want you to be fully aware of the treatment we are proposing, the reason why we are proposing it and of the fees that you will pay before treatment starts. We also want you to be aware of when your fees will be due, in most cases this will be at the end of each appointment. A written estimate is always available on request, and we are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have regarding pricing.


To do this we will:


  • Display a fee guide on our website, and make sure it is available at reception.

  • Discuss with you the treatment we think is necessary and the reason why and provide information leaflets for further information about your treatment.

  • Provide a treatment plan which includes estimated costs for each patient before treatment starts.

  • Always be happy to direct you to further information that you may require.

What if I can't afford dental treatment at this point in time?


  • We have a range of advice for helping you to save money on dental treatment which you could look at, including advice from our therapists and dentists on prevention.


  • All of our treatment is aimed at getting you dentally fit and making your mouth as self-cleansing as possible, to help to significantly reduce your treatment needs going forward and in the future.


  • Apply for 0% finance. For treatment plans over £1,000 we offer you the facility to apply for 0% finance over 6,10 or12 months. Terms and conditions apply.

  • We are happy to take a phased approach to your treatment with slightly cheaper materials and a temporary stabilisation phase. This may cost slightly more in the long term but will allow you to spread the cost of your treatment.

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