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Corporate Social Responsibility 

The practice is committed to promoting the conservation, sustainable management and improvement of the environment and to minimising the environmental impact of its activities.

Aim of this policy

The aim of this policy is to enable the practice to embrace our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and manage it with the same level of professionalism as other parts of the business. In doing so we hope to fulfil our responsibilities, engage our team and improve our reputation.

Achieving the Goal

In aiming to achieve our goal we address the following 4 areas:

  • People & Ethics

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • Charity & Community

  • Communication, Advocacy & Management

Environment & Sustainability

  • We make sure that all lights, computers and electronic devices are switched off when the practice is closed (apart from critical security lighting)

  • No plastic bottled water is supplied at the practice and all single use items are bio-plastic or compostable (unless plastic is clinically required)

  • Recyclable or washable cups are used throughout the building. We do not use disposable cutlery or plates

  • We offer recycling of non-clinical waste on site (including paper, plastics, card, cans)

  • We offer recycling of oral hygiene products and dental aligners

  • Waste is separated in surgery so that clinical waste is minimised, and a licensed waste carrier is used with relevant Waste Transfer Notes supplied

  • We only print when necessary and double-sided printing is always used (unless it is critical to use single sheets)

  • We sell non-plastic toothbrushes

Charity & Community

  • We have chosen to support Western Park and have communicated our choice to staff and patients

  • We organize a "pink week" twice a year to raise money for breast cancer awareness. 

  • Instead of purchasing Christmas cards we donate the money to Western Park. 

  • We support our local Food Bank and the Archer Project with regular donations

  • We also have an annual raffle to raise money for Children in Need

  • The charitable giving and supported causes are communicated to patients either in practice, in newsletters, on web & social media

  • We have appointed a CSR champion who helps recommend what causes to support

  • We donate a fixed amount of money to good causes each month


Communication, Advocacy & Management

  • We have created a CSR page on our website, which covers our values, commitments and what we currently do to meet our goals

  • 5-10% of our external communications to patients includes information regarding what we are doing to achieve our CSR goals

  • We have a CSR display in our waiting area

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