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Covid-19 Protocols

We are currently open and operating as normal. Please read below about Covid-19 protocols in place to keep you and our team safe.

Covid-19 Statement - updated February 2022


We are continuing to work hard to offer dental treatment in a safe and secure fashion. 

Patient and team safety has been and remains our #1 priority. In this respect the positive feedback we have received both directly from our patients and via Google reviews has been invaluable in maintaining team morale. 


As you are aware, many of the changes we have had to implement have resulted in a large reduction in our capacity for routine care and an extension to both treatment and decontamination times.


In order to give you the best access to care we have invested in state of the art ventilation units and have extended our opening hours and introduced Saturday clinics. 

Unfortunately, this will still not enable us to meet pre-existing needs and we are forced to prioritise our service and alter our operations.


From the 1st April 2021 we have been:


Maintaining our availability as an NHS emergency service for pain, swelling, broken teeth and advice on any urgent concerns for both regular and non-regular patients as required by the NHS. 


Continuing to target our highest need patients to attend for NHS examination and maintenance.


Working our way through the back log of NHS examinations which has arisen during lockdown. 


Opening availability to see all registered children (under 16) for NHS examination and maintenance


Continuing to offer hygiene appointments privately in line with best infection control guidance


Offering mid-week private examination and maintenance appointments in line with the imposed limitations mentioned above- plus Friday afternoon and Saturday clinics.


We remain fully committed to helping you all maintain your teeth and mouth in a healthy and stable state and we are happy to discuss any and all options to improve your comfort and confidence in your teeth and smile.


We have now recalled all patients for routine dental examinations that were cancelled or overdue. If you have not received a text and/or email inviting you for a dental examination please contact us. It maybe that we need to update your contact details.

We urge you to please contact the practice with any problems or concerns you have, and to be understanding of the potential increase in waiting times.